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Elearning FAQ's


How will e-learning benefit me?

Short 20 - 30 min sessions

Accredited CPD hours

Obtain the knowledge when you need it

Available instantly

Compatible with desktops, laptops and mobile devices

Flexible learning time

Knowledgeable speakers

Notes, presentations and additional reading

Preserve your valuable working hours

No client contact time lost

Lower costs - no money on travel

What is provided with an e-learning module?

1 hour CPD, module, slides and notes

Do I have to watch the video all at once?

No you don't, you get 3 views

How many views do I get?


How long are the modules?

Up to 30 mins long

How can I access the module after I have purchased it?

You are able to view the module straight away, or through the members area

How do I get the notes and slides?

They are downloadable straightaway or from the members area

Will the modules work on my tablet, laptop or mobile device?


Do I need any IT requirements?


Bookings and Payment

How do I purchase a module?

On the website

Can I purchase a module on behalf of someone else?

Yes, register your email and input persons details

Does CPT offer multiple discounts on modules?

Not currently. Please join our mailing list to be notified of any discounts in future.


How many CPD hours is one module worth?

1 hour CPD

Can other people gain CPD from watching a video I have purhcased?


How do I get my CPD certificate?

Your certificate is downloadable from the members area or underneath the module on the viewing page

If I loose my CPD certificate how do I obtain another one?

You can re-download a certificate from the members area or underneath the module on the viewing page

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