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The Rating Diploma Holders' Conference 2023

The Science of Rating Valuation

The 29th Annual Conference will examine the current issues, facing the modern rating practitioner. The 2023 Conference of the Rating Diploma Holders' Section of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, is open to both members and non-members alike. 

Module Duration: 5 hours 34 minutes

Recorded: 14/09/2023

Areas covered

Welcome & Introduction From The Rating Diploma Holders' Section Chair - Stuart Hicks

6 Months into the Revaluation - Where Are We? Helen Zammit-Willson & Josh Myerson

  • Reactions 
  • Movements in the bulk classes and certain industry sectors
  • Initial concerns
  • Outlook

Bite Sized Chunks: 

Complex Lease and Rent Deals Transactions and Amortisation  - Chris Royle

New Scottish Regulations - Steve Dalton

The Tenant's Share - What Is It? How Do You Measure It? Guy Richardson

Fitting out - Acenden, Where Are We Now?  Paul Dalling

  • How does the life of the item of fit out affect its value as against its capital cost, if it has general market appeal?
  • How does obsolescence (functional/technological/physical) affect the value of fit out?
  • Should varying lengths of leases with varying break clauses affect the period of analysis and the resulting value - what about the principle of uniformity?
  • How does the mind of the actual tenant in the real world affect the period of analysis - over what period does he view his investment in fitting out?

Iarnród Éireann - The National Rail Network Case and Others in Ireland (South)  Dean Robinson

  • Tenant’s renewals on carriages supplied by government
  • The calculation of the tenant’s renewal allowance
  • The hypothetical tenant versus the actual tenant
  • The use of actual accounts and hindsight

The Non-Domestic Rating Bill - Changes Afoot Heather King and Mandy Franklin

  • The Non-Domestic Rating Bill - what it means for ratepayers and their advisers
  • Special Valuation Assumptions - MCCs in the 2023 Lists
  • Other legislation changes in brief -  self catering/end of list regs (where are we now?)

Recent Rating Cases - From a Surveyor’s Perspective Wayne Cox

  • The traditional conference examination of recent Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber), Valuation Tribunal, Scottish and Irish cases from a valuer’s perspective.