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RICS Code for Leasing Business Premises

The Good, The Bad and The Mandatory

Now that the Code for Leasing Business Premises has been relaunched as a RICS Professional Statement, with the prospect of sanctions for non-compliance, it may be expected that closer attention will be paid to what it says. In this webinar we look critically at the Code and consider the content that surveyors must comply with.  

Start Date Venue Price  
2 February 2021 Virtual Seminar £40 BOOK

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Event duration: Afternoon Event (1 Hour CPD).
Registration from: 11.55. Event starts at: 12.00. Event finishes at: 13.00.

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The Code may now have teeth, but does it have sufficient bite to get to the SMEs, who forego professional advice? Who will ensure the unrepresented party is made aware?  And who will act as the gamekeeper to report any breaches to the RICS? 

The Code’s launch coincided with the Covid-19 crisis, and the recasting of the Use Classes Order, so how does the code fit with the changed circumstances?

In this seminar, we will be asking:

  • Why would an intending occupier care about the Code?
  • How does the RICS’ own standard lease fit in with the Code?
  • Does the Code reflect tenants’ need for ever greater flexibility?
  • What opportunities have been missed?
  • Might standard lease forms be a better approach?


  • Mark Shelton, Commercial Property Management Law Trainer, CPM Law Training Limited and Author of 'A Practical Guide to the Law of Dilapidations' and 'A Practical Guide to Applications for Landlords' Consent and Variation of Leases'