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Why CPOs Fail?

What Can We Learn From the Ones That Do?

If you work within CPO, this is a must attend seminarThe event will look into failed CPOs and the main details of why they fail and how we can lean from each one. After each speaker has given their views, there will be a in depth panel discussion that will be too good to miss. 

Module Duration: 1 hour 58 minutes

Date Recorded: 02/02/2023

Areas covered

Welcome from the Chair, Mary Cook

  • Case Law Review 
  • An Acquiring Authority View - Including the strategic planning considerations and managing property risk on projects
  • Impact and Consideration on Affected Parties
  • Panel Debate

Vicarage Field is simply the latest CPO which failed to be confirmed. They don’t come along often, but when they do, they are landmark in nature and a significant wake up call as whether best practice has shifted. Failure to secure confirmation stops a project in its track, can be terminal and at best creates significant delays in the project. Delaying a compelling project in the public interest means no benefit to the community in question, significantly increases costs and can cause political embarrassment. For affected parties, it means a hiatus in their lives and more uncertainty and anxiety. Clearly, getting it right first time is in the interests for all parties.  

The other point of view, if the compelling case is questionable, or due process and best practice have not been followed, then quite rightly, the CPO should fail. Professionals from both sides of the fence should ensure the work and the case meets the tests of due diligence. For that reason, professionals acting for the acquiring authority and claimants have an interest in why CPOs fail.