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The 10th Annual CPO Convention 2023

The purpose of this CPO Convention is to focus on some of the prominent and key areas of CPO practice. It delivers a nuts and bolts review of important and contentious practical matters; and is aimed at those who do CPO work; whether working and advising acquiring authorities or representing claimants.

Module Duration: 5 hours 4 minutes

Recorded: 11/09/2023

Areas covered

Welcome and Introduction from the event Chair, Gary Soloman

CPOs (and Planning) - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • For decades, the planning system has been used as a political football and has regularly seen reform, amendment and change from Government. The current debate relates to the proposed amendments contained in the revised draft NPPF (2022) plus the provisions contained in Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill.  
  • In today’s world (with influence from social and main stream media), we have seen the rise of lobbyist groups and their influence. There is perhaps a perception that politicians play to those that shout hardest and longest; and this influence can shape ‘policy’ both locally and nationally.  
  • Planning has had to adapt to deal with such pressures.  
  • CPOs have always been seen as complicated and legalistic. Is that no longer the case? Are we now seeing the same pressures in compulsory purchase as planning has faced? As an industry, are we sufficiently armed to deal with pressures?
  • What can we do to make the CPO world more resilient to such pressures?

CPO Confirmations or Not: Has the Bar Shifted?

  • NSIP/DCO CPOs have a low bar to jump, what happens with more conventional CPOs?
  • Does the bar shift when a Joint Venture private developer partner is involved?
  • Does a PINS considered CPO have a different bar to one that the Secretary of State determines?

The Impact of an Unconfirmed, Cancelled or Failed CPO

  • Impact on claimants - Living and working under the threat of a CPO
  • Duties and responsibilities imposed on promoters and acquiring authorities
  • Are there time limits?
  • Do those affected have any powers? Can they do anything to escape being held in limbo?
  • Disruption and loss of value in investment planning

Embracing Technology in the CPO World

  • The CPA’s recommendations
  • What can change?
  • What requires more consideration?

Compulsory Conflict or Cooperation 

  • The adversarial pressures
  • Constraints and opportunities
  • Providing support at the right time
  • Advocating and capturing the benefits
  • Dealing with governance and approvals

Appropriation: Converting Land and Rights into Compensation

  • Over-riding third party rights, covenants and easements
  • The appropriation or acquisition of land and the use of s.203 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016
  • How to get the decision making process right
  • The importance of the Local Planning Authority’s Report

The Anatomy of a Successful CPO

Managing the Process of Taking Possession and Managing Protestor Disruption

  • What does the law demand?
  • Notices
  • Options and best practice
  • Eviction remedies
  • Understanding the occupier. What to do when they won’t cooperate
  • PR considerations
  • Recognition of the distress on occupants, and on staff taking possession; and mitigating these hazards
  • Managing and preventing the increasing prevalence of protester disruption