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CPO Talking Heads: June

Resolving Land Compensation Disputes: Taking a Case to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) and Alternative Options

This event runs as an informal discussion with a small panel of leading and informed practitioners extracting the nuances from this monthly topic. They discuss practical issues that arise, with participants in the meeting being encouraged to listen, join in, ask questions and share comments.

Module Duration: 1 hour 4 minutes

Recorded: 23/06/2022

Areas covered

Please note there are no slides accompanying this recording. 

When the acquiring authority and claimant fail to agree compensation, its usual to find yourself in the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber). But far too often, cases can be won or lost before you reach the hearing. 

Following best practice procedures (including acting as an expert), fastidious record keeping, and conveying the key issues in the statement of case and presenting the Tribunal with only the relevant matters (and documents) that are to be resolved is just the start. Demonstrating effective engagement, and potentially attempting meaningful ADR is the next step. 

But are you then ready for the full judicial process - disclosure, cross examination, winning and conceding points, behaviours expected of the expert, and that ignores the roller coaster of emotions participants must endure. 

This event is for anyone who undertakes CPO work. Any of your current cases could result in you OR your files OR both you and your files being scrutinised in open court. There is nowhere to hide. Your best defence is to prepare for the worst from day one of accepting the instruction. 

June's Talking Heads