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Telecom Best Practice 2022

Working Under the New Act and the Impact of New Case Law 

The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill is close to being passed through Parliament. It will impose new obligations and responsibilities on site providers and intends to give greater certainty to telecom operators to speed up the roll out of 5G. What are the details, how does it reset site provider and operator relationships and what do consultants working for one side or the other need to know?

Module Duration: 2 hours 53 minutes

Recorded: 12/12/2022

Areas covered

Welcome and Introduction by Conference Chair, Barry Denyer-Green

New Legislation

  • A Dissection of the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act
  • A Commentary from a Site Provider's Consultant
  • A Commentary from an Operator's Consultant
  • What Duties does it Impose of Valuers, and What Duties does the Upper Tribunal Impose?
  • Panel Discussion with Audience Participation 

Case Law

  • Case Law Review
  • Panel Discussion with Audience Participation