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The CPA's Annual Law Reform Lecture 2023

There is a groundswell of cross-party parliamentary support for such reforms, particularly associated with the drive to support the delivery of housing. The Government has consulted on amending the compensation provisions associated with the future prospect of planning permission and appropriate alternative development, where acquiring authorities could seek directions to cap the value paid to landowners at an amount at or above existing use value. We wait to see if the Government will introduce new clauses on this to the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill. Whether it makes the Bill or not, there is political support for change, if not now, then next time. Meanwhile, the CPA has polled its members on the Government’s proposal and there is little support for anything that undermines market value.

Module Duration: 1 hours 53 minutes

Date Recorded: 06/03/2023

Areas covered

The lecture will look at:

  • Understanding the law and practice as it is.
  • Are the existing rules actually working for both acquiring authorities and landowners?
  • Understanding the pressure on the current law – what’s driving the desire for reform.
  • Understanding the reform asks and whether they are workable.
  • Considering whether there are other options for reform.