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The Rating Diploma Holders' Conference 2022

Rating Rides Again

The 28th Annual Conference will examine the current issues, facing the modern rating practitioner. The 2022 Conference of the Rating Diploma Holders' Section of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, is open to both members and non-members alike. 

Module Duration: 5 hours 28 minutes
Recorded: 15/09/2022

Areas covered

Welcome & Introduction From The Rating Diploma Holders' Section Chair - Patrick Bond

Approaching 1 April 2023 Alan Colston and Stuart Hicks

  • Revaluations - R2023, R2026…
  • NDR reforms- transparency phase 1 
  • Outlook for rating 

Bite Sized Chunks: 

Limitation of Appeals Regulations –  A Guide to End of Lists Pitfalls - Dennis Broughton

Future Changes in Energy Efficiency Requirements – What Effect on Value? - David Alford

  • SI 2022/405 - 100% relief on green P&M 
  • Are tenants paying a higher rent for greener buildings? 
  • Low energy rating, low rents?

Is Tone Dead? - Guy Richardson

  • Do more frequent revaluations mean we never reach a settled tone?
  • Is there a tone now for 2017?
  • Is rental evidence damaged by not having a settled tone?

How are VO's Treating Checks and Challenges? The New VTE Single Document Explained Heather King & Alison Gidman

  • What are your appeal rights if your challenge is unlawful/void?

Master and Servant Bjorn Bowles 

  • Paramount Control
  • Ludgate House case
  • Serviced office occupier
  • Short term occupiers

Disrepair and Rating – Latest Insights Karl List

  • Monk, Canada Square etc
  • Refurbishments
  • End of life property
  • Dilapidation works
  • Handing back to landlord

Recent Rating Cases – From a Surveyor’s Perspective Duncan McLaren MBE

  • The popular and traditional examination of recent Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber), Valuation Tribunal, Scottish and Irish cases from a valuer’s perspective.