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Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

The CPA’s Annual Law Reform Lecture 2019

Is There a Need to Reform the Law of Blight?

The Compulsory Purchase Association invite you to attend their annual Law Reform Lecture, where experts will focus on whether leadership from Government to reform and standardise the blight regime is now required. This annual event will be of great interest to all who work with CPOs including CPA Members, acquiring authorities, developers and affected landowners.  

London (30 April).

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PEBA National Conference 2019

Driving Planning: Hitting the Accelerator and Brake...

2019 is likely to be a significant year for planning and the environment.  The ever present issues of Climate Change, Brexit and housing delivery have been given a renewed focus by new policy, evidence and the passing of time. Will the planning system now speed up and produce results? Or will a combination of political, economic and legal hurdles result in a slowing down of delivery by the planning system at a time when progress is needed?

London (17 May).

4½ CPD
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CPO Valuation Seminar and Workshop

Valuing land and property for compulsory purchase compensation is a step into a hypothetical world – where land is taken, where some land is taken and no land taken, with its own language and terms - severance and injurious affection - with potential for ransom, and planning assumptions; and its own set of case law dictating what valuers are to do.  Valuers are increasingly expected to get their valuation right first time.  This is a thorough review of the valuation best practice and the underlying methodologies in respect of compulsory purchase and its compensation.

Manchester (22 May), Birmingham (25 June).

5½ CPD
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Electronic Communications Code: Is it working?

The Electronic Communications Code contains powers for taking rights over land for the purposes of delivering telecommunications. The first decisions of the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) on applications for code rights, procedure, consideration and compensation, are significant. How can a site provider get apparatus removed? What is the measure of the ‘consideration’ payable for a code right, and what can be claimed as compensation? The Code has been in operation since December 2017. Is it working? And if not, what can be done? 

London (3 June).

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Bringing and Defending Judicial Reviews

In Planning, Environmental, Commercial Procurement and Licensing Matters

Judicial Review has been used to stop, review, frustrate and even force decisions made by a public or regulatory authority. It is a hugely tactical environment where cost capping, time limits, and case law are used to win the day in Court. This instructive conference will ensure that parties bringing and defending challenges are able to do so most effectively by referencing and using topical examples, like the Heathrow JR. The speakers will follow worked examples through from justification to finish to ensure a thorough review of JR procedures.

London (17 July).

2½ CPD
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The CPA National Conference 2019

The Compulsory Purchase Association's National Conference seeks to brief members, non-members and the professions on key issues and topics within the sector, providing valuable CPD for all those engaged in compulsory purchase and compensation work. If you do CPO work, this is a must attend event for technical knowledge, updates and networking.

London (10 July).

5¾ CPD
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