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CPO and Statutory Blight Caused by Public Works

There are many people whose property is blighted by schemes of public works promoting by Acquiring Authorities. It’s a significant source of work for surveyors and legal advisors, but Acquiring Authorities frequently criticise or reject blight notices due to their failure to satisfy the statutory tests. Equally, many Acquiring Authorities aren’t aware of how to appropriately review and respond to a statutory blight notice. This programme will review when statutory blight applies, what technical information and evidence needs to go into one, and how to appropriately review and respond to one – the goal is to equip both practitioners and Acquiring Authorities with the ability to get it right first time.

Module Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes

Recorded: 02/11/2023

Areas covered

This training session will focus upon:

  • What is statutory blight and who is eligible?
  • Whether a statutory blight notice is the right option
  • How to effectively draft and produce the evidence base for a statutory blight notice 
  • When a statutory blight notice can be rejected by way of Counter-Notice
  • Material Detriment
  • The powers of the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) when considering statutory blight references
  • RICS Professional Statement