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Expert Witness - You Thought Not Being Paid Was A Problem

The Impact of Liverpool Victoria Insurance Co Ltd v Zafar

This case demonstrates the severe consequences for an expert witness who deliberately or recklessly make false statements. It reinforces the primary duty is to the court, whether in written or oral evidence. But closer examination of the case throws up the question on how much wriggle room an expert has on changing their opinion from appointment to final submission. How must an expert arrive at their final statement and how should they document the process?

London (16 September).

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Annual CPO Convention 2019

The CPO Convention will focus on some of the prominent and key areas of CPO practice. It is aimed at those relatively new to CPO work, those seeking to enhance their skills, as well as practitioners and local government whether as lawyers, planners or surveyors/valuers.

London (25 September).

3¾ CPD
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Rebooting National Planning Policy: How Is The System Working 12 Months On?

A Review of the 2018 and 2019 Revisions to the National Planning Policy Framework

The National Planning Policy Framework was revised in 2018 then further amended in February 2019. It addresses key issues in relation to the delivery of housing and economic growth. It remains to be seen whether national policy can keep pace with market trends and case law, as well as reacting to the practical consequences of information or circumstances which may undermine how the planning system operates in practice. This programme will examine how the NPPF plays out in practice.

Manchester (30 September), London (7 October).

2½ CPD
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Navigating and Resolving Rating Disputes in the Valuation and Upper Tribunals

This is a comprehensive review of the procedures, skills and expectations for those that take rating disputes to the Valuation or Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber). Understanding the tribunal procedures, adhering to the duties and expectations of an expert, and the impact of Gardiner Theobald LLP v. Jackson (VO) 2018 are key reasons to attend.  

London (16 October).

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Best Practice in Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

What is Emerging Best Practice and Why Should You Provide It?

The CPO and compensation landscape is being transformed. The RICS Professional Statement, the CAAV’s Compensation Claims guide, the CPA’s Land Compensation Claims Protocol, ADR, case law and the procedures of the Upper Tribunal all affect how practitioners must now undertake their work, whether advising claimants or acquiring authorities. Hear what is current and emerging best practice by attending this crucial event.

Leeds (17 October), Bristol (23 October), Birmingham (12 November), London (21 November), Manchester (27 November).

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Rating: Law and Practice 2019 - Applying Case Law to Practice

Best rating practice cannot be achieved without understanding case law. This event is far more than a case law review. A panel of leading lawyers and practitioners will review important and topical cases and explore the nuances of what is best and effective practice in the light of these decisions.

London (21 November).

4¼ CPD
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International Summit: Delivering Land Assembly - UK Dilemmas, Global Solutions

Every country has unique challenges in the modern world. The successful delivery of housing, modern services and infrastructure, regenerating city and town centres, as well as business communities, all are common ambitions and in every case, the acquisition of land and rights are the vital ingredients. Each country and each scheme also has a unique set of dilemmas with the potential to frustrate and disable and whilst no one country has the magic ingredients to overcome such obstacles, we can learn and potentially find solutions from the global market place. The key is to understand what solutions work in different jurisdictions and then consider whether the solutions can be readily applied elsewhere. This is how best practice evolves and matures and this event will focus on this worldwide. It will unquestionably be of value for practitioners wherever they might be based. 

Full Conference Package: 2 Day Conference and Evening Reception

London (24 March).

11½ CPD
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