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Rating: Reval 2023 Is Almost Complete

Draft List Outcomes, Market Commentary, Reliefs, UBR and Dealing with the End of the 2017 List

The revaluation will take effect on 1 April 2023. It’s a frenetic time when rating advisors need to advise their clients of their new business rate liabilities. Key aspects to provide such assessments include rateable value, the multiplier, transitional arrangements, and reliefs. This event will look at the outcomes from the 2023 revaluation and the wider package of measures that will take effect on 1st April 2023. How did properties get the value that appears in the Draft List? Hear from the Chief Valuer and his market experts at the VOA and hear from DLUHC on the wider package of measures that will take effect on 1st April 2023.

Module Duration: 1 hours 57 minutes

Recorded: 19/01/2023

Areas covered

Revaluation 2023 - Outcomes and How They Emerged 

  • State of the market at AVD - The preparation of new Rating Lists 
  • Has the methodology changed from previous revals?
  • Overview: Where are the hot spots?
  • Outcomes and market commentary for the bulk classes: 
    • Retail
    • Offices 
    • Industrial/Warehouses
  • Outcomes and market commentary for non-bulk properties:
    • Licensed and Leisure
    • Civic properties
    • Utilities, transport and telecoms
  • What happens before and after the lists go live? Handling enquiries, checks and challenges
  • Dealing with errors and omissions – amending the draft List

Other Parts of the Rating Jigsaw for the New List

  • Decap
  • UBR predictions
  • Transition
  • Reliefs overview perhaps as part of the strategy
  • New/changed regulations
  • Recovery Supplement

A View from the Private Sector 

  • Are the outcomes reflective of the position at the AVD?
  • Do the results make sense – any surprises?
  • Billing, the UBR, TR and other reliefs
  • Planned Changes that will take effect during the life of the 2023 List