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The 22nd National Rating Day: Afternoon Sessions

This years National Rating Day looks at the here and now, policy and reform and best and effective practice. Speakers represent the private sector, the Valuation Office Agency and the Valuation Tribunal Service. If you are involved in rating work, this is the module is said to be too important to miss. 

Module Duration: 2 hours 55 minutes
Recorded: 09/06/2022

Areas covered

Current Rating Practice

Where are we Now With:

  • MCCs
    • VOA policy
    • Policy -v- Practice
    • Legislative clarity 
  • Receipts and Expenditure 
    • R&E review
    • Looking outside the box (reference to the comments from the UT(LC) in Stephen G Hughes v Exeter City Council [2020]) 
  • Monk Revisited 
    • How many challenges are there in the system? 
    • What are the emerging rules for successful challenges?
    • When is it disrepair?
    • The latest VT decisions that affect practice

    CCA - Where are We Now?

    Whilst the rules have not changed, CCA processes, both good and not so good, have evolved. Coming into the final year of the 2017 rating lists, where are we now?  

    • What does best practice now look like?
    • Common pitfalls that lead to failure of challenges
    • What are “unlawful” and “incomplete” challenges and how to deal with them?
    • Unit of Assessment (UoA) issues and checks/challenges - What is the status of a challenge where the unit of assessment may also be in question?
    • Verification of information – what is reasonably required?
    • What happens if the reasons for refusal are wrong or tenuous?
    • Should extensions be accepted and how should parties respond?
    • What happens at the end of the 2017 Lists?


    What's in Rating for Future Generations? 

    • The recent review confirmed the ongoing future of rating, but what’s in it for people wanting to work in the industry?
    • What are the VOA and employers offering by way of careers?
    • What are the motivations for people wanting to work in rating?
    • Hear some voices from those that will be the future of the rating
    • Hear what the RSA and a leading employer see as the key drivers for sustaining a career in rating
    • At a macro level, how will firms need to adapt?
    • Where will rating get its practitioners?

    Case Law Update

    • Cases from the battlefield