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Rating Talking Heads: December 2023

Valuation of Tenant’s Works and Fit Outs Post Acenden: The Practical Application

This event runs as an informal discussion with a small panel of leading and informed practitioners extracting the nuances from the selected topic. They discuss practical issues that arise, with participants in the meeting being encouraged to listen, join in, ask questions and share comments.

Module Duration: 1 hour 3 minutes

Recorded: 12/12/2023

Areas covered

Please note there are no slides accompanying this recording. 

This talking heads will discuss;

  • A brief history of the facts that got us to Acenden and the decision itself.
  • Rental analysis: What does the decision actually say about treatment of incentives and how should we deal with this now?
  • Tenant’s works: How were these dealt with in the decision and what does this mean for outstanding 2017 list challenges and for 2023?
  • Has the case settled the approach for future treatment of transactions of this type for offices?
  • What is now agreed in Central London and how does it work?
  • Legacy issues: dealing with incentives; are they deal specific or what principles are transferrable?  
  • Is there a lasting settlement on the issues, or are we waiting for the next skirmish to emerge? 
  • Has the rating hypothesis survived unscathed?
  • What is the impact of the decision for other types of property?  

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