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Check Challenge and Appeal – Brave New World or Cloud Cuckoo Land?

Check Challenge and Appeal (CCA) is the largest change to the appeals regime for non-domestic rates since the 1988 Local Government Finance Act, and potentially since the Crown stopped counting windows as a property tax.

Ratepayers’ advisors and in-house teams will need to become familiar with the CCA regulations. 

London (17 July).

3½ CPD
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The 17th National Rating Day

The 2017 Revaluation is upon us. The draft rating lists have been published, as too are the UBR and transitional arrangements. But the big talk is of Check Challenge and Appeal. Controversial (CCA) and unwelcome but the regulations will govern how the rating practitioners and the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) must engage. Even more importantly, the regulations will set out how the VTE will deal with cases. What has happened to "reasonable professional judgement" and what is likely to take it's place. If you deal with rating, this is your must attend event of the year

London (29 June).

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Newbigin v S J & J Monk

What does the Supreme Court Decision mean to the rating and development industries?

There are occasions when a case has profound implications and the case of Newbigin v Monk is one such case. The case has passed from the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber), to the Court of Appeal; and the Supreme Court has now ended the saga with a win for the ratepayer. But is it back to the way it was? No! If you advise on rating, you really need to join us.

London (13 July).

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Rating Question Time 2017

We have a panel of leading practitioners to answer questions from the audience on a number of topical rating issues. Paul Sanderson will be chairing the event.

London (19 October).

2½ CPD
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