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Rating Talking Heads: April 2024

The Triple List Maintenance Conundrum

This webinar is an informal discussion with a small panel of leading and informed practitioners extracting the nuances from the selected topic. They discuss practical issues that arise, from the participants in the meeting being encouraged to listen, join in, ask questions and share comments.

Module Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes

Date Recorded: 30/04/2024

Areas covered

Please note there are no slides accompanying this recording. 

During this discussion, we will cover the following:

  • What do the numbers look like after the end of list spike?
  • Action on one List may create unintended consequences on the other Lists
  • Impacts 
  • When is the right time to act?
  • Managing clients
  • Multi-Tasking 
  • Does the industry have the resources for 3 yearly Revals and accurate list maintenance?
  • Will prior agreement be more prevalent in the future?
  • If GPCR is a potential part of the solution jigsaw, how do we get sufficient participation to overcome inertia? 
  • Will there need to be a cultural shift in behaviours to make the workload more sustainable?
  • Could having a “trusted ratepayer” and/or “trusted rating practitioner” within a self-assessment scheme be another way to make GCPR work better?

April's Talking Heads