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Rewriting Lease Terms – What Can be Achieved at Renewal

Tenants are increasingly looking to rewrite leases, to reflect the impact of COVID, or simply to give flexibility to react to an every-changing world. One opportunity to do this is lease renewal, and a number of recent county court decisions have given valuable guidance on whether flexible terms are available in this way, whether it is a change to rent arrangements, a shorter term or insertion of a break option, a pandemic rent suspension clause, or another of the range of terms which tenants are now asking for. This session will outline the approach which the courts are taking on these issues and others, which in turn sets the parameters for negotiation.

Virtual Seminar (23 February).

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Ten Steps to Mastering Forfeiture of Leases - The Essential Practicalities

This course, by the author of ‘A Practical Guide to Forfeiture of Leases’, identifies clearly and practically the important steps to effective use of forfeiture, and will be invaluable for anyone managing commercial property.

Virtual (6 April).

2½ CPD
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