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Getting Contractual Notices Right

Service of a notice is supposed to be a simple step bringing clarity and certainty into contractual relations. As a formal procedure, though, it has to be got right, and the law reports have literally hundreds of cases demonstrating the variety of ways in which it can be got wrong. A notice must be served on (and by) the right person, and at the right address. It must be served by the appropriate method, and in accordance with any time limit. And it must say the right thing. This module considers each of these areas, considering the rules as to calculation of time periods, deemed service and the various postal service options, and whether service requirements are mandatory or permissive.

Module Duration: 37 minutes

Areas covered

  • Which is the best method of service?
  • What are the rules for calculating the notice period?
  • How do I identify the correct addressee?
  • Simple best practice for drafting notices
  • What are the escape routes if there’s a mistake in the notice?