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L&T 1954 Act Notices

The 1954 Act can look like a lawyers’ cash-generator, with its highly technical and complex procedures. If you know how the termination procedures and the various types of notice fit together, then you’re ahead of the game both as regards knowing what actions are available and when solicitors should be consulted, and as regards asking the right questions when you do.

Module Duration: 27 minutes

Areas covered

  • The module identifies each of the most commonly encountered notices which may be served under the 1954 Act, and some of the less common as well.
  • The options for serving the relevant notices so as to effect termination of a tenancy are considered in relation to a variety of practical scenarios.
  • The module therefore improves understanding of the role of each notice.
  • The key concept of ‘competent landlord’, and the provisions of sched.6, are illustrated by practical scenarios.
  • By this means the module improves understanding of how the Act’s procedures operate where there are superior leasehold interests.