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Commercial Property Management: Keeping Current in 2017

If you want an easy life, you don’t go into commercial property management! As well as managing relations between investor and occupier, good communication with other professionals and contractors is essential. An awareness of the wider commercial context is needed to complement up - to - date technical knowledge over a wide range of subjects, so that issues can be anticipated and prevented if at all possible. Whichever of your many hats you have on - manager, adviser or negotiator - you can’t do without the relevant current awareness you will get from this programme.

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22 November 2017 Strand Palace Hotel, London    

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Event duration: Day Event (6 hours CPD) (Lunch Included).
Registration from: 09.00. Event starts at: 09.30. Event finishes at: 17.15.

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This is a repeat of the popular and valuable commercial property management event held in March 2017. Materials and themes have been updated to reflect what has happened so far along with shifts in trends and practices.

  • Are we any clearer in what Brexit will mean to the property industry? And how might we need to alter our behaviours and decisions in the light of what happens next?
  • The 2017 rating revaluation took place in April 2017. There are always winners and losers, but are we all losers in the new CCA regime?
  • The new Service Charge code is almost upon us and are your management practices fine tuned?
  • We have the new Telecom Act 2017, we have a Supreme Court decision on Newbiggin –v- Monk on what constitutes disrepair, refurbishment and construction works and doing the right thing at the right time can avoid rate liability during the course of works. We also review lease expiry issues on fixtures and reinstatement with a view to understanding what terms should be sought when agreeing alterations, as well as the often overlooked issues thrown up by shop-and-flat lettings.
  • Where are the recurring flashpoints for the landlord-tenant relationship?
  • How do commercial service charges and residential service charges work together in mixed-use?
  • How can repair, alterations and reinstatement obligations work together to reduce uncertainty and maximise flexibility in relation to fixtures?
  • What are the developments which will change the landscape in 2017 and going forward?

Property managers can only really be effective if they stay on top of the new, as well as the more familiar.

This is the 21st Annual Commercial Property Management series from CPT Events and the long-running success of this forum is testimony to the insistence on keeping it fresh, topical and relevant with industry leading speakers.



Trends and Market activity
  • An overview of the current market conditions
  • Brexit - uncertainty - a new dawn?
  • Consumer trends
  • The impact of new technologies
  • The importance of place making and experiential strategies

Legal Update

Service Charges - applying best practice
  • The new Service Charge code is coming and it will be a Professional Statement with mandatory obligations.
  • What are those obligations and what deadlines is it introducing?
  • When is it coming into force?
  • Latest best practice and contentious areas in commercial service charges
The Flat over the Shop
  • Business tenancy or not? A surprisingly complicated issue
  • Forfeiture of leases with a residential element
  • CRAR
  • What letting structure optimises the management?
Dealing with Mixed - Use Service Charges - applying best practice
  • What’s new and happening in the residential service charge code?
  • Dealing with mixed use property
Fitting out, and getting out
  • The distinction between fixtures and chattels
  • The distinction between landlord’s and tenant’s fixtures
  • The role and relevance of reinstatement obligations
  • Compensation for alterations
  • Yielding-up obligations and vacant possession
  • Fixtures and lease renewals
  • The impact of recent caselaw, including Humber Oil Terminal Trustee v ABP, and Peel v Sheerness Steel
Rating Revaluation - What do Property managers need to know
  • What are the key features of the 2017 Reval
  • What has happened to proposals, appeals and what are the rules in the new CCA regime?
  • Transition and reliefs
  • Empty rates
  • Reliefs for property managers
  • Doing refurbishment and construction works post Monk. How to prepare your scheme of works to ensure business rates are minimised.
Relations between landlord and tenant - A no nonsense practical review of the stress points in:
  • Contracts
  • General Management
  • Don’t forget the Facility Managers
  • Portfolio management
  • Contract procurement
  • Applying Costs benefits