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Commercial Property and Asset Management

Bringing and Defending Judicial Reviews

In Planning, Environmental, Procurement and Licensing Matters

Judicial Review has been used to stop, review, frustrate and indeed force decisions made by a public or regulatory authority. It is a hugely tactical environment where cost capping, time limits, and case law are used to win the day in Court.  This conference will ensure that parties defending and challenging decisions are able to do so effectively.   

London (1 November).

3½ CPD
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Best Practice in Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

What Is Emerging Best Practice and Why Should You Provide It? 

The RICS Professional Statement, the CAAV’s Compensation Claims guide, the CPA’s draft Land Compensation Claims Protocol, developments in early engagement, ADR, case law and the procedures of the Upper Tribunal are transforming the landscape in how practitioners, whether advising claimants or, acquiring authorities, undertake their work.  Hear what is current and emerging best practice by attending this crucial event. 

Wakefield (7 November), Taunton (15 November), London (29 November), Warrington (5 December), Solihull (11 December).

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Commercial Landlord and Tenant Property Matters

Time is of the Essence: Taking the Right Steps at the Right Time

This course provides an annual opportunity to consider key aspects of commercial landlord and tenant property, guided by experts in the field.  Time is critical in generating fee income and avoiding the wrath of disgruntled clients.  When is it the right time to do things? 

Birmingham (13 November), London (6 December).

4¾ CPD
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Examining Commercial Occupancy - From Start to Finish

This course addresses the range of issues that need to be considered before a lease is signed, with implications for both landlord and tenant and identifies practical measures to reduce the risks. It examines the problems and events which will typically arise over the life of a commercial letting and how to deliver advantageous outcomes. This course surveys all the commonly-occurring issues, the pitfalls and the top tips.

London (27 November).

5½ CPD
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