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Business Rates: Hangman or Saviour for Tenants?

In Discussion With... CPT introduces a conversation based webinar.

Once a month CPT will identify a topic that is contentious, topical, or significant to the commercial property world. The style is part interview, part chat with an informed colleague and unlike most webinars, there will be no slides. We will make good use of Zoom to allow audiences to chip in with questions or comments. It promises to be valuable, practical in its focus and a very informed debate that will dig into the nuances of the issues. The interviewers and interviewees will always be on top of the topic. It is a modern approach to CPD, held over a lunchtime, that wont interrupt your work - a perfect compliment!

Virtual Seminar (30 June).

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Top Tips for Commercial Property Disputes

For the commercial occupier, conducting disputes is always a distraction from core business – but may be unavoidable in the interests of that business. For landlords, it is an occasional fact of life. Those acting on behalf of landlords and tenants must engage, sometimes robustly, but should always be mindful of what may lie ahead if they fail to proactively steer negotiations away from the turmoil of third party interventions. There is a glow of satisfaction to be had from the remark “I found [X] to be a reliable witness”, and this webinar will give you the tools to help you earn it.

Virtual Seminar (21 September).

1¾ CPD
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