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Commercial Property and Asset Management

Commercial Valuations: How to Keep Yourself and Your Firm Out of Trouble

Practice, Methodology, Regulatory Requirements

When did you last review your practices to make sure that you are keeping the risks you take to a minimum? Surveying firms can, and should, do a lot more to manage the risks when undertaking valuation work, to minimise real, potential and unjust PII claims. This seminar, will examine the steps that you need to make in order to stay within the rules and also examine practical measures you can take to help minimise the financial and reputation risk that is attached to valuation work.

London (16 July).

5¼ CPD
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Bringing and Defending Judicial Reviews

In Planning, Environmental, Commercial Procurement and Licensing Matters

Judicial Review has been used to stop, review, frustrate and even force decisions made by a public or regulatory authority. It is a hugely tactical environment where cost capping, time limits, and case law are used to win the day in Court. This instructive conference will ensure that parties bringing and defending challenges are able to do so most effectively by referencing and using topical examples, like the Heathrow JR. The speakers will follow worked examples through from justification to finish to ensure a thorough review of JR procedures.

London (17 July).

2½ CPD
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