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Re-Purposing and Re-Vitalising Town Centres

Getting from A to B: But Where do we Seek to go and How do we get There? 

In first session of the Delivering Land Assembly International Summit, we look at three main points: What are the problems with towns? What is the future of towns? and lastly, how do we get from the problem to the solution.  

Module Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Recorded: 18/05/21

Areas covered

The Imperatives for Change
  • Drivers
  • Covid has accelerated change. Change of behaviours. Change of fortune for bricks and mortar retailers -v- internet retailers. Has Covid brought forward obsolescence of buildings, districts and traditional local authority services?
  • What impact has that had on property investors?
  • Have High Streets been put in terminal decline?
  • Increased and sustained home working requires employers to question their occupancy needs.  This will result in significant drops in footfalls in many urban environments
  • Change Audit: Quantifying the extent of change and its potential impact
  • The Consequences of Doing Nothing
  • Obsolescence and deprivation and loss of inward investment
  • Catalysts
  • Is the commercial sector in good enough health to bring forward macro regeneration and renewal schemes?  Are they capable of remodelling communities?
  • Does the responsibility rest with public sector leadership with central government funding and incentives?
  • The new viability conundrum: schemes should be less profit led, but strategic and sustainability led for a Covid changed world
  • Micro development opportunities for more typical developers

A Case Study 

How to Respond

  • No land and no rights to it equals no change!
  • Land assembly strategies and tactics
  • Retaining control
  • Site assembly and development partners

Chaired Panel Session with Q & A's