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Rating Talking Heads

As we approach the anniversary of the inaugural Rating Talking Heads We take a look back at the past topics ...

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8 December 2021

The Annual CPO Convention 2021

The CPO Convention focused on prominent topical and key areas of CPO practice It is also practical to watch and ...

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15 July 2021

The 21st National Rating Day

The National Rating Day has come of age years in the making Yet it has been a must attend event ...

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23 June 2021

Delivering Land Assembly International Summit

We are three sessions through the Delivering Land Assembly Summit programme If you missed or would like to re-watch any ...

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3 June 2021

Events Are Now Recorded And Available To Watch...

During the last few months we have been able to provide you with virtual events as the current 'new norm' ...

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13 October 2020