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Why you should give E- learning a try

There are many benefits to E- learning, and it has changed the way we learn and research the relevant knowledge for our everyday lives. Most of us do not have enough time, we are constantly juggling work, home and caring responsibilities and leisure time. Finding time to keep our professional knowledge up to date is proving very difficult. E- learning provides sector specific knowledge that you can access when and wherever you want it.

At CPT we have launched our own E- learning modules recently, key benefits are listed below and you'll see why you should give it a try!

The key benefits:

  • Available instantly
  • Flexible learning time - available 24/7
  • No loss on client time
  • Lower costs - save money on travel
  • More effective learning for you

Available Instantly

Right now time is of the essence for all of us, switching from one thing to the next quicker than ever. With E- learning you are able purchase the modules and view them immediately, you are able to gain the knowledge you want exactly when you need it. Studies have proved that e-learning reduces learning time by 25% - 60% in comparison to tradition classroom style learning. E- learning saves your time because:

  • Modules are accessible to you on your desktop, laptop and mobile device, which means you can learn wherever you are!
  • You are able to access the module 24/7 - no waiting time!

Flexible Learning Time

Another benefit to E- learning is the flexible learning hours, which fit in to your lifestyle. If you want to access the module straight away, you can! If you'd like to access it in a week or longer, you can! You dictate when you want to do the learning, and you are in control of the time schedule you have to do it. A plus is if you want to watch the module more than once to ensure you've taken in the knowledge, you can do 3 times!

No Loss On Client Time

With balancing a demanding work schedule comes client time, which is an important aspect that can't be done quickly or half heartedly. I understand that in business your client time is valuable and not to be compromised. This is another key factor in why you should consider E- learning as an alternative to compliment your training. The modules are accessible to you, when you want them, which means you don't need to take a day or half day off in order to gain the knowledge. You are able to view them on the train, on the way to your meetings! - Perfect! However, if you have too much to cram in to your working day, you can access them at home, after work or on the weekends.

Lower Costs - Save Money On Travel

There are several cost effective benefits for E- learning, I have listed a few below for you to have a think about:

  • Less cost on training event materials/speakers, as everything is accessible online. We recognise that attendance at seminar can be expensive
  • No travel time or accommodation needed - lowering your environmental impact

Case Studies

More Effective Learning For You

With E- learning, you control when you want to gain the knowledge, which means you are in control of your training schedule. If you've had a particularly busy day at the office you can put off your training for another day, when you're more relaxed.

Reasons E- Learning provides more effective learning:

  • You control your learning schedule
  • Greater ability to apply the sector specific skills to your job
  • Better retention of knowledge

Convinced? View our range of e-learning modules  here

Author: Lauren Angell, Event Manager, CPT Events

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26 July 2016