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The CPA National Conference 2020 - Virtual Sessions

The CPA National Conference takes place in the shadow of COVID 19. With venues remaining closed and working from home still the norm, we have reviewed and updated the 2020 programme and are now running the conference as three circa 90 minute virtual sessions.

Start Date Venue Price  
25 November 2020 Virtual Conference - Session 1    
30 November 2020 Virtual Conference - Session 2    
7 December 2020 Virtual Conference - Session 3    

Note: All prices are to be paid in GBP and are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate

Event duration: Virtual Sessions (Each session 1 hour 30 mins CPD).
Registration from: 09.50. Event starts at: 09.55. Event finishes at: 11.30 approximately.

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This year’s conference, we’ll be covering a diverse range of issues in 3 virtual sessions, focusing on law, practice and market activity.  

Compulsory purchase is a subject that is in the conscience of the general public like never before. More column inches have discussed compulsory purchase this year than any previous year, and the term is used and searched for on Twitter more than ever. 

As professionals working in the fields of compulsory purchase and compensation we face exciting and challenging times. Exciting, due to the unprecedented levels of work as a result of the increasing numbers of major projects and promoters realising how useful a tool compulsory purchase can be; and challenging, because we face a shortage of practitioners and a seemingly endless struggle to persuade elements of the press, lobbyists and some politicians that the system can work effectively when acquiring authorities use powers responsibly.

The CPA are Pleased to Announce the 2020 Conference Session Sponsors: 
Quantuma, Gateley Hamer and Ardent Management. 





Welcome, Introduction and Round up of CPA Activities by the Conference Chair: Rebecca Clutten

Land Assembly Case Study: Perry Barr CPO - Rebecca Farr

  • The project, the time scales and the strategy
  • Lessons learnt and best practice

Why is CPO so Important to Planners and Strategic Planning - Richard Blyth

The Public Sector Equality Duty and CPOs: A Practical Guide - Caroline Daly

  • Key principles from case law
  • When and how to carry out an Equalities Impact Assessment
  • Cautionary Tales
  • Good practice case studies

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