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Rent Reviews

Giving Evidence in a Judicial Environment

Do you Think Giving Evidence is Easy?

You may be a frequent flyer or a novice, but never ever be ill prepared before entering a judicial environment. It only takes one flippant remark, a comment without suitable foundations, or one biased statement and at best you will be digging yourself and your evidence out of the quick sand. At worst you could leave the witness box with your reputation and expert witness career in tatters. The same is true of written evidence. This event is hugely relevant to anyone who appears in any judicial environment. The speakers have been invited because of their skills and experience across Landlord & Tenant, rating and CPO practice. 

Virtual Seminar (2 November).

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Rent Review and Lease Renewal

The course will give an overview of procedures and look at recurrent issues such as: whether the hypothetical lease should include a break option, what should be the assumed length of term and whether a ‘headline rent’ is effectively excluded. It will be presented in two virtual sessions of 3.5 hours.

Virtual (9 November).

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