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Dispute Resolution

Expert Witness - You Thought Not Being Paid Was A Problem

The Impact of Liverpool Victoria Insurance Co Ltd v Zafar

The consequences for an expert witness who deliberately or recklessly makes false statements can be severe. The risk is demonstrated by this case. The expert’s primary duty is to the court, whether in written or oral evidence. But closer examination of the case invites questions as to how an expert might legitimately change an opinion, from appointment to final submission. How must experts arrive at the final report and how should they document their processes?

London (16 September).

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Navigating and Resolving Rating Disputes in the Valuation and Upper Tribunals

This is a comprehensive review of the procedures, skills and expectations for those that take rating disputes to the Valuation or Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber). Understanding the tribunal procedures, adhering to the duties and expectations of an expert, and the impact of Gardiner Theobald LLP v. Jackson (VO) 2018 are key reasons to attend.  

London (16 October).

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