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Rating Talking Heads - March

Rating Green Energy and Power Generation

Lets go leftfield: How do we value emerging technology and infrastructure? Most of us know how to rate an office, retail park, even a library (ignoring the nuances of some cases), but where do we start with power generation? A small panel of leading and informed practitioners, will discuss this topical, or contentious issues over lunchtime to extract the nuances from the subject, and discuss practical issues that arise.

Module Duration: 1 hour 8 minutes

Recorded: 17/03/21

Areas covered

Please note there are no slides accompanying this recording. 

PV panels and wind turbines have provided some nasty and expensive (non electric) shocks to occupiers. How do they fit into the rating system?

  • Rateable Plant & Machinery
  • Government Fundamental Review
  • Power Generation for own consumption
  • Selling power generated
  • Micro Generation
  • Reliefs and exemptions
  • Methods of valuation
  • SPV’s

It is clear there needs to be a framework for the valuation, but questions arise:

  1. Should such be part of the Rating List?
  2. Should such be able to have reliefs and exemptions?
  3. How does such policy fit into the green agenda; by way of carrot, or stick? 

March's Talking Heads