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Strategic Planning for Future Infrastructure Needs

The final session of the Delivering Land Assembly International Summit looks at the trends and drivers, the challenges of planning for the long term.

Module Duration: 1 hour 28 minutes

Recorded: 29/06/21

Areas covered

  • Governments are investing in infrastructure. Why?
  • Infrastructure has the power to drive social change, create jobs, support businesses, improve the environment and create a better world in which to live.
  • The human population continues to grow. Resilient and effective infrastructure is central to supporting rapid urbanisation.
  • Aging infrastructure is holding back economic growth.  Whilst investing in infrastructure enables it.  UK statistics suggest that there is almost a 300% return of investment.
  • How do we enable and maximise delivery?

Looking at the Trends and Drivers

  • The economic imperative
  • Decay and renewal are core drivers
  • Smart living, smart working - What will the future cities look like? How do we plan them?
  • Work/live in the community -v- commuting
  • The 15 minute walkability rule
  • Refocusing communities and economic strategies
  • Buildings and infrastructure built now - are they fit for the future? 
  • The ripple Effect from the core development

The Challenges of Planning for the Long Term in the Changing Times

  • Bringing together spatial planning and infrastructure
  • Handling macro uncertainty and the Commission's approach to the next National Infrastructure Assessment

Using Transport as the Magic Ingredient

  • The value of transport hubs
  • Footfall as drivers for increased rents and investment
  • Maximising space - building above and below

Panel Debate with Q & A's