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The Annual CPO Convention 2021: Session 1

The CPO Convention focuses on prominent, topical and key areas of CPO practice. It is also practical; and is both a refresher and an update for those who do CPO work. Lost in the disruption of COVID in 2020, the Convention is back, bigger and robust, and ready to fulfil its desire to deliver a pre-eminent update for busy CPO practitioners. 

Module Duration: 2 hours 12 minutes


Areas covered

Core Principles of CPOs: Core Legal and Valuation Principles 

  • Barry Denyer-Green is the author of Compulsory Purchase and Compensation, initially written in 1980, now in its 11th edition - used as a primary reference for all practising in the CPO world.  
  • As a practicing barrister for over 30 years, what are the top tips for those in practice? What are the failings that need to be avoided? 

Overcoming Rights to Light and Other Impediments to Scheme Delivery

  • Over-riding third party rights, covenants and easements
  • The appropriation or acquisition of land and the use of s.203 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016
  • How to get the decision making process right 
  • The importance of the Local Planning Authority’s Report


  • Safeguarding in a CPO Context
  • When can it be used?
  • Is it fit for purpose in respect of significant infrastructure projects?
  • Should it be restricted to local plans and green belt?
  • The consequences of safeguarding
  • Delay and uncertainty; The enemy of claimants
  • Should claimants be compensated?