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CPA Scotland National Conference 2021: Afternoon Sessions

The theme for this conference is the effective use of compulsory purchase to assist in the delivery of public infrastructure projects. The provision of such projects has been with us for over 150 years now and the need to deliver the infrastructure that a modern Scotland requires and indeed demands, has never been greater. The successful and timely delivery of public infrastructure projects are needed to help secure that our economy can fully and quickly recover from the severe adverse effects of the Covid pandemic, as well as ensuring that citizens throughout Scotland are able to enjoy these social and community benefits.

Afternoon Session Duration: 1 hours 32 minutes

Recorded: 26/10/21

Areas covered

Telecoms Update

  • There are more telecom devices in the UK than people. In the last two decades we have witnessed some of the most advanced changes in technology in human history and, as every day passes, the world becomes ever-more reliant on telecoms. Thus, the provision of world-class telecoms and connectivity is key to supporting our economy. This presentation gives us an up-date review as to where we are, in this fast-changing subject and how effective is the 2017 Telecoms Code.

Community Empowerment

  • CPOs are ultimately for the benefit of communities. Thus, what powers could, or should rest with communities: what access to influence could, or should communities have to ensure change for better? Are Compulsory Sale Orders the answer? A presentation followed by a panel discussion on this issue.

Wrap-Up Session

  • Aims, goals and outcomes from the various issues discussed and how they fit in with Scottish Government policy.