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Forfeiture of Commercial Leases - The Essentials in Two Hours

Forfeiture is a landlord’s remedy for all types of tenant default which dates back centuries. With the passage of time the law has become complex, even absurd, and it can be unpredictable in its operation. On the other hand, it can be a quick, cheap and effective way of either recovering possession, or persuading a defaulting tenant to comply with its obligations. For some kinds of tenant default it is really the only effective course of action.

Module Duration: 2 hours 11 minutes

Areas covered

This course, by the author of ‘A Practical Guide to Forfeiture of Leases’ outlines the procedures and problems clearly and practically, and will be useful for anyone managing commercial property.

Topics covered will include:


  • The pros and cons – what is the landlord trying to achieve?
  • Acquiring and losing the right to forfeit – keeping all options open
  • How forfeiture is done – is changing the locks ‘a sure recipe for violence’?
  • Relief from forfeiture – simplifying the complexities
  • When landlord and settle a forfeiture dispute, what technical considerations have to be addressed?
  • How soon after forfeiture can a landlord re-let the premises?