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Fitting Out and Getting Out

This on demand webinar looks at the detail of what amounts to a fixture and what doesn’t in the light of recent caselaw, as well as the distinction between landlord’s and tenant’s fixtures; and also considers the nature and extent of rights and obligations upon lease expiry, in relation to physical additions to (and contents of) leased premises.

Module Duration: 3 hours minutes

Date Recorded: 07/03/2023

Areas covered

The following topics will be covered:

  • The distinctions between fixtures, chattels and tenant’s fixtures
  • The role and relevance of reinstatement obligations
  • Compensation for improvements
  • Yielding-up obligations
  • Fixtures and lease renewals


  • Mark Shelton, Commercial Property Management Law Trainer, CPM Law Training Limited and Author of 'A Practical Guide to the Law of Dilapidations' and 'A Practical Guide to Applications for Landlords' Consent and Variation of Leases'