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The Life of a Lease: Module 1

Module 1: Laying the Foundations  

With supervision time at a premium, the graduate surveyor or junior lawyer needs a reliable road-map to the significant moments in the life of a lease. The Life of a Lease series presents an extended case study, considering the key terms of a modern commercial lease form as applied to events over the term of a tenancy. Up-to-date caselaw is included, as well as the three key Protocols. 

Module Duration: 1 hour 57 minutes

Recorded: 06/09/2023

Areas covered

Most problems in the management of leased property arise because potential issues were not accurately identified, or adequately anticipated, at the outset of the letting. Those negotiating heads of terms, as well as lawyers documenting the lease, need to be alive to issues concerning security of tenure and contracting-out, as well as the implications of any pre-existing disrepair, the scope and extent of the repair obligations, documentation of the tenant’s fit-out period, and the role of lease guarantors.

This webinar will include:

  • The role of security of tenure
  • Reasons to contract out of the 1954 Act
  • Complications with franchised businesses
  • Internal repair obligations, schedules of condition
  • Lease guarantees
  • Agreements for lease and interim occupation


  • Mark Shelton, Commercial Property Management Law Trainer, CPM Law Training Limited and Author of 'A Practical Guide to the Law of Dilapidations' and 'A Practical Guide to Applications for Landlords' Consent and Variation of Leases'