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Telecom Law and Practice Conference - Session 1

Watch the first virtual seminar of The Telecom Law and Practice Conference 2020. In this recording you will hear sessions based on Valuation Matters.

Module Duration: 2 hours 8 minutes

Areas covered

Valuation Matters

Welcome and Introduction from the Conference Chairman - Barry Denyer-Green

Factors to Consider When Hosting Telecoms on your Land/Building - Steven Knight

  • Who/what are ICNIRP? (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), where do the standards come from? 
  • UK Health & Safety and legislation relevant to EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)
  • ICNIRP zones, Public and Occupational exposure levels, control measures and protection, preventing trespass and neighbouring land/property
  • 5G evolution the physical impact on land and buildings
  • Structural loads, statutory consents and nuisance 

Valuation Issues - Electronic Comm Apparatus - Assessing Value and Loss - Ian Thornton Kemsley

  • The operators approach
  • Rights sought
  • Potential issues when Electronic Communications Equipment is installed
  • Planning issues and obtaining vacant possession
  • Valuation
  • Blighted of land, property and rights over the land
  • Quantifying and demonstrating loss of value 

Single Annual Occupation Payments and Other Emerging Valuation Practices - Jonathan Stott

  • Rural greenfield sites
  • Urban greenfield sites
  • Rooftop sites of multi-let commercial properties
  • Rooftop sites of other properties 
  • Directions from the courts and Tribunals
  • The need to reduce levels of hostility

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