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Telecom Law and Practice Conference - Session 2

Watch the second virtual seminar of The Telecom Law and Practice Conference 2020. In this recording you will hear sessions based on Views from the Market.

Module Duration: 1 hour 46 minutes

Areas covered

A View from the Market

Welcome and Introduction from the Conference Chairman - Barry Denyer-Green

Issues Affecting Landlords, Tenants and Investors - Simon Webb

  • Is the code working?
  • What are the problems? 

Who can be Bound by a Code Right? - Matthew BonyeKate Barry

  • Occupier, relevant persons and landowners
  • An analysis of those terms

Facilitating Engagement and Collaboration to Make 5G Happen - Ric Reilly

  • WM5G and Infrastructure Acceleration 
  • Engagement and understanding very different cultures
  • Making the code work for both parties
  • An evidence based standard approach to valuation under the code
  • Adopting a standard template code agreement 
  • ECC = Engagement, Conversation, Collaboration

Question and Answers