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The Property Market in a COVID World

It's Impact on Values and Business Rates - A Seminar Looking at the Future of Property Needs

This seminar will look at the way COVID has become a catalyst for change, how home working and shopping more online could impact on rents, rates and business strategies. The property world needs to wake up to these changes. Rent and business rates have always been linked. Now, more than ever, property professionals need to see how these two elements interrelate and will potentially drive the changes in the market.

Module Duration: 2 hour 10 minutes

Recorded: 18/11/20

Areas covered

We do apologise for the sound quality during the session at 1hr 7mins. We have tried to clean this up as much as we can, but the background noise is still audible. The sound will last for 9 minutes.

  • Welcome and Introduction from the Conference Chair, Paul Sanderson
  • The Future of Offices and How They Might Change
  • Retail Challenges
  • Revised Business Strategies in a COVID World
  • The Future of Work
  • Question and Answer Session