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Telecom Law and Practice Conference 2020

This event takes place in the shadow of COVID 19. With venues remaining closed and working from home still the norm, we have reviewed and updated the programme and the event will now presented as three, approximately two hour virtual sessions.


Start Date Venue Price  
5 October 2020 3 Virtual Seminars    

Note: All prices are to be paid in GBP and are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate

Event duration: Event Split into 3 Sessions (5 hours CPD).
Registration from: 15.20. Event starts at: 15.25. Event finishes at: 17.00 - 17.30.

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Is The Code Fit for Purpose?

It is generally muted that the code is exactly what the telecom industry wanted, and the legislation was passed with virtually no changes, despite substantial stakeholder proposed amendments. So why is it resulting in so many challenges, failures to agree; which is causing inertia in the roll out of the technology in the UK?

Some may say that the operators have failed to understand the way in which it works and that is the biggest issue in the market today. What is factual, the market is now emerging through case law.  

Where Is The Market Going?

Is there any way the fractured and dysfunctional market can create a working agenda that works for landlords, operators and the roll of 5G? This is why this conference is vital for everyone involved in the industry.




Valuation Matters

Welcome and Introduction from the Conference Chairman - Barry Denyer-Green

Factors to Consider When Hosting Telecoms on your Land/Building - Steven Knight

  • Who/what are ICNIRP? (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), where do the standards come from? 
  • UK Health & Safety and legislation relevant to EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)
  • ICNIRP zones, Public and Occupational exposure levels, control measures and protection, preventing trespass and neighbouring land/property
  • 5G evolution the physical impact on land and buildings
  • Structural loads, statutory consents and nuisance 

Valuation Issues - Electronic Comm Apparatus - Assessing Value and Loss - Ian Thornton Kemsley

  • The operators approach
  • Rights sought
  • Potential issues when Electronic Communications Equipment is installed
  • Planning issues and obtaining vacant possession
  • Valuation
  • Blighted of land, property and rights over the land
  • Quantifying and demonstrating loss of value 

Single Annual Occupation Payments and Other Emerging Valuation Practices - Jonathan Stott

  • Rural greenfield sites
  • Urban greenfield sites
  • Rooftop sites of multi-let commercial properties
  • Rooftop sites of other properties 
  • Directions from the courts and Tribunals
  • The need to reduce levels of hostility

Question and Answers 


A View from the Market

Welcome and Introduction from the Conference Chairman - Barry Denyer-Green

Issues Affecting Landlords, Tenants and Investors - Simon Webb

  • Is the code working?
  • What are the problems? 

Who can be Bound by a Code Right? - Matthew BonyeKate Berry

  • Occupier, relevant persons and landowners
  • An analysis of those terms

Facilitating Engagement and Collaboration to Make 5G Happen - Ric Reilly

  • WM5G and Infrastructure Acceleration 
  • Engagement and understanding very different cultures
  • Making the code work for both parties
  • An evidence based standard approach to valuation under the code
  • Adopting a standard template code agreement 
  • ECC = Engagement, Conversation, Collaboration

Question and Answers 


When The Parties Fail to Engage

Welcome and Introduction from the Conference Chairman - Barry Denyer-Green

Who Has Jurisdiction and Under What Circumstances? - Oliver Radley-Gardner

  • Jurisdictional issues - Tribunal v County Court
  • What are the limitation on what the Tribunal can impose? 

Procedures at Tribunal - Donald Scannell

  • How are telecom cases handled
  • Time scales
  • Problems for the Tribunal 
  • Pre hearing evidence and their presentation
  • How to assist and expedite cases to be heard

How The Code is Evolving Through Case Law - Toby WatkinJonathan Wills

  • Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited v Thomas Steuart Fothringham LTS/ECC/2020/007

Question and Answers