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The CPA's Annual Law Reform Lecture 2021

Certificates of Appropriate Alternative Development

The Compulsory Purchase Association invite you to attend this virtual event. It has been 9 years since changes to how Certificates of Appropriate Alternative Development (CAADs) were brought in by the Localism Act 2011. How have those changes worked? What has gone well? What could be improved? With a run of recent cases in the last couple of years on CAADs in the Upper Tribunal, this year’s lecture will look at what we can learn from those and examine the current process to consider if it is producing an efficient and effective outcome in determining alternative appropriate development. 

Module Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes

Recorded: 29/04/21

Areas covered

  • Welcome and Introduction from The CPA's Vice Chair, Charles Clarke
  • Presentation from Tim Mould QC (A paper accompanying this presentation can be downloaded in the notes section).
  • Panel Debate with Question from the Chair and Audience