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Telecom Law and Practice Conference - Session 3

Watch the final virtual seminar of The Telecom Law and Practice Conference 2020. In this recording the topics will look at When the Parties Fail to Engage.

Module Duration: 2 hours 2 minutes

Areas covered

A View from the Market

Welcome and Introduction from the Conference Chairman - Barry Denyer-Green

Who Has Jurisdiction and Under What Circumstances? - Oliver Radley-Gardner

  • Jurisdictional issues - Tribunal v County Court
  • What are the limitation on what the Tribunal can impose? 

Procedures at Tribunal - Donald Scannell

  • How are telecom cases handled
  • Time scales
  • Problems for the Tribunal 
  • Pre hearing evidence and their presentation
  • How to assist and expedite cases to be heard

How The Code is Evolving Through Case Law - Toby WatkinJonathan Wills

  • Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited v Thomas Steuart Fothringham LTS/ECC/2020/007

Question and Answers