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Business Occupation, Tenancies and the Green Agenda

This programme is not designed for 'green experts', it's a practical guide to what's changing and what needs to be adhered to.  It is aimed at typical property advisors - whether landlord and tenant agents, property managers, valuers, and occupiers themselves; and to property lawyers, developers and investors. 

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8 April 2014 Strand Palace Hotel, London    

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Event duration: Whole day (5 hours CPD).
Registration from: 09.30. Event starts at: 09.55. Event finishes at: 16.00.

We all want to be seen to be green, but as soon as there’s a cost, we change colour.

Whether we like it or not, legislation and best practice is forcing all of us to adopt a green agenda; and increasingly tenants are demanding it; and investors are already alive to the damage of failing to go green with their portfolios; - and increasingly, a non green building is attracting a downward spiral of interest from them.

This means that in order to retain clients, and secure new ones, you need to be familiar with green issues..

This event is a practical guide focusing on why and how to embrace, and profit, from the green agenda. 



Catalysts for change:

Where the law is changing - New law and regulations

  • Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme
  • Green Deal and minimum energy standards 

Incentives in the tax system

  • Tax breaks
  • Capital allowances

Technological advances

A series of examples of where typical property advisers can make a difference and add value for their client and the value of the building.

  • New emerging technologies that make buildings more sustainable
  • New materials
  • New Design
  • Retro fitting

What you can do:

BBP (Better Building Partnership) toolkit

  • What is a "green lease"?
  • Introduction to the BBP
  • How the Toolkit works
  • Practical issues

Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate - How to Manage Risks and Optimise Opportunities

  • Asset performance and benchmarking
  • Operational improvement programmes
  • Occupier Engagement
  • Acquisition & disposal

Q&A Session

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