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CPO - Talking Heads - February

Land Assembly Strategies: The Temporary v Permanent Dilemma

CPD and networking events are suspended. Both have significant role in the way we do business, and especially so in the CPO world. CPO Talking heads is about getting informed networking back for the land assembly world. 

Start Date Venue Price  
23 February 2021 Virtual Monthly Discussion    

Note: All prices are to be paid in GBP and are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate

Event duration: 1 Hour Topical Panel Discussion.
Registration from: 12.55. Event starts at: 13.00. Event finishes at: 14.00.

What is CPO Talking Heads?

CPT virtual communications will curate a small panel of leading and informed practitioners, who will, once a month, discuss topical or contentious issues over a lunchtime. These panellists will extract the nuances from the subject, and discuss practical issues that arise, with participants in the meeting being encouraged to ask questions and share their comments. 

February Discussion: Land Assembly Strategies: The Temporary v Permanent Dilemma 

  • When is there a choice who has the benefit of temporary possession powers? What are the advantages and disadvantages to promoters and landowners? What are the time limits?
  • When is there a need and when is it appropriate to use temporary possession powers?
  • What is best for promoters may not be best for landowners or their tenants?
  • What are the effects on landowners; and on landlords and occupiers with interests of surrounding land?
  • Responsibilities of the parties – promoter, landowner and contractors
  • Temporary doesn’t feel temporary, especially when there’s no defined end date
  • Changing from temporary to permanent – how does a landowner mitigate?
  • Should temporary possession be forced to avoid a Land Value grab on future development sites? Acquiring permanently and selling it on after temporary works have concluded.
  • What are the compensation implications for landlords and ejected occupiers? 

The meeting itself will run as an informal discussion, not a webinar and without a slide presentation. It's about talking, networking and engaging with fellow practitioners. but equally you can just simply sit and listen

February's Talking Heads