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The CPA National Conference 2020 - Session 1

Watch the first virtual seminar of The CPA National Conference 2020. In this recording you will hear sessions covering "Funding Infrastructure Projects", "How Funding Options Impact Compulsory Purchase" and "Practice Directions - Rules for Taking Cases to the UT & Expert Witness Conduct".

Module Duration: 1 hour 38 minutes

Areas covered

Welcome, Introduction and Round up of CPA Activities by the Conference Chair: Rebecca Clutten

Funding Infrastructure Projects - Anna Hart

  • Infrastructure funding: types of funding
  • Moving away from conventional government grant funding
  • Availability of funding during the development and construction phases, under different types of models
  • Examples of use of funding models
  • Risks associated with different funding models

How Funding Options Impact Compulsory Purchase - Charles Clarke

  • Effect on funding of the purchase of property in advance
  • What type of interest an acquiring authority may want to secure in advance
  • Funding of blighted property

Practice Directions - What are the Rules for Taking Cases to the Upper Tribunal - Colin Cottage and Barry Denyer-Green

  • Practical and essential steps to take before you have a dispute 
  • What to do when you recognise you will have to go to Tribunal
  • What are the new Practice Directions?

Expert Witness Conduct Colin Cottage and Barry Denyer-Green

  • The RICS Professional Statement - a commentary 
  • The duty to the court
  • Possible pitfalls and some leading cases
  • How the Tribunal varies from other jurisdictions 

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