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Rating Law and Practice: In the Shadow of CV19

How is the rating world coping with effects of CV19? This is an industry webinar briefing and discussion to give all those involved in the rating system a briefing on what’s changed, what’s stayed the same; and how the system works under CV19.

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5 August 2020 Virtual Seminar    

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Event duration: Virtual Event, Afternoon Event (1 hour 30 mins CPD).
Registration from: 15.55. Event starts at: 16.00. Event finishes at: 17.20.


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The world is slowly getting used to life with COVID-19 and it goes without saying that times are unprecedented. Whilst rating has in the past been criticised for inhabiting a world of its own, it is now clear that even it will need to grapple with the “new normal”.   

We have already seen some of the government’s boldest interventions delivered via the rating system and perhaps there is more to come. But regardless, there are more challenges on the immediate horizon. With so many properties falling foul of the current suite of emergency measures, how will the system cope with the inevitable increase in appeal volumes? What are the implications for valuers themselves as they try to shoehorn the effects of a global pandemic into a legislative framework that could have never been foreseen?

Under the chairmanship of Josh Myerson, Vice President of the RSA, we will have short presentations from all speakers on issues arising from CV19. A discussion will follow exploring those issues in more detail. More than ever before, there needs to be effective dialog and understanding from both the VOA and private practice in order to serve clients.

There will be an opportunity to raise awareness of other issues associated with the disruption caused by CV19.

Issues to be covered:

  • Challenges faced by the VOA as a result of CV19
  • CV19 and Check, Challenge, Appeal
  • How to factor in CV19 complications into agent procedures
  • Taking a case to the Valuation Tribunal, Upper Tribunal, or High Court
  • How to deal with valuation factors in the CV19 world?
  • What are the material changes in the CV19 world?
  • What is the prognosis of the rating system with CV19  in the short and medium term?



Welcome & Introduction from Conference Chairman - Josh Myerson

Challenges for the VOA: What Is The New Norm?

Challenges for Private Practice: What Is The New Norm? 

  • Proving a COVID-19 related MCC in the current world
  • Communication
  • Gathering evidence

Challenges in Taking Cases to Valuation Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and the High Court

  • Evidence - How to share in a virtual world? What is admissible?
  • Hearings in the Zoom courts
  • Virtual judges, witnesses, advocates and the virtual court room

Question & Answer Session