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Rating Talking Heads: May

Creating Challenges in CCA

This event runs as an informal discussion with a small panel of leading and informed practitioners extracting the nuances from the monthly topic. They discuss practical issues that arise, with participants in the meeting being encouraged to listen, join in, ask questions and share comments

Module Duration: 57 minutes

Recorded: 26/05/21

Areas covered

Please note there are no slides accompanying this recording. 

A key part of the CCA process involves the making of Challenges. With the inevitable increase in appeal activity and stricter evidential rules at the Valuation Tribunal, we look at what makes for a good Challenge and when it needs to be submitted and explore some of the common pitfalls that practitioners may inadvertently fall into. 

  • What do the regulations say?
  • What does best practice look like?
  • Common pitfalls that one or other party might fall into 
  • What changes are expected or needed in the short and medium term?
  • How can the VOA and Agents work better together?
  • What are the implications of expert witness rules?.

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