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Practical Land Acquisition

A Focus on Valuation and Compensation: Issues from the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK

In the penultimate session of the Delivering Land Assembly International Summit, we get the perspective from practitioners all across the world on Valuation and Compensation, and the issues they face within their country. 

Module Duration: 2 hours 18 minutes

Recorded: 22/06/21

Areas covered

History helps understand how we have got to the present. Each of these countries started out, by and large, with British law and practises built into their DNA. But as sovereign states they diverged from that common base and created their own unique systems. 

In this session, we are interested in comparing their current valuation and compensation systems for land assembly – who does what; and does the common ancestry still underpin what each does? But more importantly, can each country system be enhanced by embracing working practices from others? Is it conceivable we can bring together the best from each of these leading developed countries - with a common heritage - and forge a common practice alliance for land assembly?