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The CPA National Conference 2021 - Morning Sessions

The Compulsory Purchase Association's National Conference briefs all who work with compulsory purchase and compensation, covering a diverse range of issues, with sessions focusing on law, practice and market activity. It is the premier event in the CPO calendar, with a pre-eminent programme and set of speakers. If you do CPO work this is a must watch event for technical knowledge and updates. 

Morning Session Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Recorded: 09/09/21

Areas covered

Welcome, Introduction & Round up of CPA Activities by Conference Chair: Richard Asher

Keynote Address

Planning Reform - Delivering Housing

  • What does a 'COVID World' home actually look like? 
  • Whilst everyone needs a home to live, is the nature of occupation/ownership and what's changing? 
  • What are the building targets, and what locations?
  • Are we now building the wrong properties? Do we need a new formula?
  • Is there a chance of over supply in some areas?
  • Standalone housing estates v mixed use and creative options
  • The told of the small builders who assemble land v the big schemes
  • The eco systems of the housing delivery - the symbiotic relationship of all involved in delivery and development of communities and commerce post build
  • The strategies of Homes England
  • The role of Agencies to act as catalysts 
  • How does the NSIP regime fit?
  • How do developers assemble land? Do they need to adapt?
  • What is the view from the LPA perspective?


    • There remains a mandate from the Ministry of Justice, that parties in disputes should meaningfully engage and seek resolution before getting to the Court and Tribunal service. Is this happening?
    • Consequences of failing to do so
    • What steps should parties take to be seen to do so?
    • A broad review of ADR solutions available for the CPO world
    • General take up of ADR in the CPO/Planning world
    • The benefits of using ADR
    • Parliamentary review and proposals

    Tribunal News

    • How are the 2020 Practice Directions bedding down? 
    • Costs
    • Document storage system
    • Embracing the experiences from virtual hearings. Are they here to stay in some form?

    Aspirations for the Regions: Policies to Actions

    • GBSLEP and its role in economic recovery and growth
    • The importance of Place in inclusive and sustainable growth
    • Developing places for future generations
    • Land assembly strategies 
    • Case studies