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CPO Law & Practice in Scotland: A Stakeholder Event

The Scottish CPA Committee, who have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience of CPOs and compensation assessments based upon acting on behalf of acquiring authorities and claimants, have convened this event to share their insights and desires on what are some of the reform areas. 

Module Duration: 1 hour 37 minutes

Areas covered

Introduction from the Chair, Keith Petrie

Where Are We with Reform of CPO Law and Practice

  • Where have we got to?
  • What are the priorities?
  • Timing
  • How do we help bring about reform?
  • Is there anything from England that demands our attention?

Impediments for using CPOs for Land Assembly: Speed and Costs

  • How do Acquiring Authorities develop CPO strategies and what kills off the use of CPOs?
  • What are the perceived costs? How do we become more explicit on costs?
  • How do CPO strategies get added to local authority development plans?
  • What are the typical time frames for a CPO?
  • What creates inertia and how to minimise it happening?
  • How to sell the case for a CPO?

Temporary Possession of Land: The Drive Towards a Temporary Possession Code

  • What is the need?
  • What are the obstacles for delivery?
  • How relevant is the English position with that of Scotland?
  • The CPA position in England

Home Loss Payments/Business Loss Payments: Mind the Gap

  • The gap becoming a gulf in respect of home loss payments between England and Scotland
  • Should we not have a Business Loss Payment scheme in Scotland? 

Question and Answer Session