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The 18th National Rating Day

The 2017 Revaluation has taken place. But it is not business as usual. Check Challenge Appeal is with us, and has created a very different landscape; one which is evolving; and promises to be very different to that launched in April 2017. Government tinkered at the budget, but it is now time to work with the evolving system. If you work in rating, this is your must attend event of the year.

Date Venue Price  
7 June 2018 Congress Centre, London    

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Event duration: Day Event (6 hours CPD) (Lunch included).
Registration from: 09.00. Event starts at: 09.55. Event finishes at: 17.00.

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The National Rating Day has become a tradition in the rating world where practitioners attend to be updated on current topics, network and contribute to help shape changes for the future. Speakers represent the private sector, the Valuation Office Agency and the Valuation Tribunal Service.

The conference is always popular – attracting over 300 practitioners. If you are involved in rating work, this is the event that is said to be too important to miss.

Confirmed Speakers To Date


The Government Policy Update

A Market View of Business Rates

Council Write Offs of Non Collected Business Rates

  •         Lost rates - from successful ratepayer appeals, failures to serve demands, from failure to collect 
  •         Reasons 
  •         What is the sum of these losses?
  •         Loss of yield to effects on council tax
  •         What can be done to stem the losses?

A Policy Review of What’s Happening in Wales and Scotland  

       - Wales 

  •         Welsh Government’s response to consultation
  •         Divergence from CCA
  •         NNDR in Wales
  •         Changes to Business Rates Appeals in Wales?

 - Scotland 

  •         Barclay Group review and recommendations to Scottish Government
  •         Which recommendations have been accepted?
  •         How will they be implemented and when?

 - Panel Debate 

  •         With divergent policies and political priorities from devolving Business Rates, what impact will it have on the home nations? 

CCA – Case Handling Update

  •         What changes have been made to registration process
  •         Claiming properties – uploading multiple properties
  •         Check stage procedures
  •         Challenge stage procedures
  •         Appeal stage procedures
  •         Future planned changes

Effects of CCA for Practitioners

  •         Position of MCCs - material day difficulties
  •         Options where material day may be lost
  •         Is Brexit an MCC event
  •         What does “tone of the list” mean under CCA
  •         Significance of the “check”
  •         Challenges and what they involve
  •         Adding evidence later – is it possible?

     Group Pre Challenge Reviews 

  •         How does it work?
  •         Input from the professions
  •         User class expandability
  •         G7, the City of London
  •         Can ratepayers control the timetable?

Woolway v Mazars - The Proposed Legislative Amendments

  •         The consultation
  •         What does the draft legislation say?
  •         What changes can be made to the 2010 List?
  •         2017 list amendments

Frequency of Revaluations, Provision of Information by Ratepayers and use of Al

  •         Changes announced in the Spring Statement 2018
  •         The impact on ratepayers and their agents
  •         Changes to the rules and requirements on disclosure
  •         Provision of information by ratepayers – what, when and to whom   
  •         Resourcing implications on all parties for more frequent revaluations

       Case Law Update